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World Cup Sponsor Recognition - Q3 2014

During the FIFA World Cup, GlobalWebIndex surveyed people who were watching the competition in the UK, USA and Brazil to track their awareness levels in terms of the tournament’s official sponsors.

By conducting research at both the start and end of the event, GWI was able to measure how recognition levels changed as viewers were exposed to a rush of marketing activity from both official partners and competitor brands alike.

Key Headlines:

  • Coca-Cola (50%), McDonald’s (49%), Visa (41%) and Adidas (36%) were the most recognized World Cup sponsors.
  • Sponsors in each sector outperformed all of their competitors – often by a ratio of 2:1 or more.
  • Sponsorship recognition comes principally from long-term associations rather than the intense marketing activity that takes place during the four weeks of the tournament itself.
  • More than 3 in 10 still mistakenly believed that Nike was a sponsor, while a quarter and fifth respectively incorrectly thought the same about MasterCard and Samsung.
  • Football-related marketing by a competitor brand was more likely to negatively impact the awareness rates for the official partner from the same sector.
World Cup Sponsor Recognition Levels - Q3 2014

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